Where does the time fly? 3 Steps to Find the Time to achieve your Goals


Who has not said: “I do not have time”? That’s an easy one! Most people will feel at least once short of time to carry out a new project?

Having nurtured this notion of time for quite a while. The question might actually: Why do we think that time is out of control?

The myth of the “perfect moment” is likely to end in procrastination

How to find/create time?

1. Analyse your life schedule. Breakdown your schedule in 15 min /30 min slots. You will certainly find available spare time.

2. Prioritise your daily essential “tasks” or what you wish to achieve on particular days…

Find time for introspection…Work around your best moment.

3. Make the most of your time. Phones, email, calls, social media, family. Distractions are everywhere. 15 min fully aware will make you achieving more than 45 min being distracted.

There is none “perfect moment”! You will have to create your perfect time!

Take control and dare taking time!


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